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The Laws on DUI and Facts about a DUI penalty

Most people do not take DUI cases very seriously. They think driving under influence case is not that serious and cannot impact their life in any possible way. Various individuals perceive the consequences and penalties of Driving Under the Influence (DUI) differently. But here is where they all go wrong. A DUI case is a legal case against your name and you could very well lose your driving license over it. Not only that, DUI cases often take a very complex turn where some other criminal charges may be levied against you. And even the laws about it have several interpretations in the different states of America. Majority of these laws and regulations are somehow interrelated and have similar exceptions. However, all of the established protocols on DUI agree that drunk driving is still a very serious offense, others would even consider it already a felony, thus the act itself can have harsh and intense charges when proven guilty.Florida state has many rules, protocols and regulations which concerns DUI and a DUI penalty. Nevertheless, despite these, the state was able to cite the most significant number of road and highway related incidents brought by drunk driving. Then again, policy makers from Florida are at their best to formulate more penalties and sanctions for such misdemeanor.

DUI is defined as a destabilized driving ability or driving with high Unlawful Blood Alchol Level (UBAL). Any person in manipulation of any motor vehicle with high UBAL is given an implied consent to underwent chemical breath test, a blood test or urinalysis when authorities suspect him or her as candidate for the charges of drunk driving. Blood and Urine tests are usually done to make certain the ample or substantial amount of alcohol in the specimen. Any other specific tests are only done when the suspected person is involved in an accident or vehicular homicide. The latter means that there are other persons involved, either on board, or outside the street that were injured or hurt, as a result of the misdemeaning act.

The immediate DUI penalty for a person found guilty of a DUI is a fine of $250. That amount applies if the person is a first-time offender in Florida. The said monetary sanction can go up to $500 depending on the alcohol levels detected during the Field Sobriety Tests (i.e. breath, blood and urines tests, etc.). The amount can even  become hefty and sky-rocket to $1000 or higher if the initial tests indicated a 0.20% or above level. Penalties on DUI can even be harsher and more intense if a person make repetitive offenses. Other consequences may include: jail time, probation, license suspension, installation of an Ignition Interlock Device, community service and DUI classes. Find the best and skilled lawyer in Musca Law .

With this, it is important that every citizen must know all the information about these DUI laws as well as the different legal procedures concerning it. When the odds get tougher, it is better to hire the service of a legal counsel who specializes intently on such cases as these. Taking this as an option can lessen the burden of the accuse and can possibly bring positive outcome on the case.

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